Student 1 bedroom apartment 1 bedroom apartmentGP0|#c89c7cca-3583-4f58-bfdb-6f2aa1bf4c04;L0|#0c89c7cca-3583-4f58-bfdb-6f2aa1bf4c04|Wohnen: Suche;GTSet|#08b2f7e7-f9dd-401f-b41d-aa4567e17a46;GPP|#cc453b3b-9759-44cc-be4a-45db9b707d8a;GPP|#8247b81e-933b-47f7-87c4-6a8ecb19e34dI am a student at Trier University and will be starting my internship in Luxembourg in September. I am searching for a single apartment for at least 6 months from 15th August/1st September. My budget is between 250 - 300 euro. Ideally somewhere close to the train station but I am open to other places with very good public transport. I am a non-smoker and I do not have pets. 7/1/2024 7:20:17 PMChidinmaAkah