1 Room Flat or Shared Flat in Trierhttps://www.hunderttausend.de/Anzeigen/Lists/Anzeigen/DispForm.aspx?ID=5039405dd0b571-e540-8f99-0cee-82ecfdcba074503940vg009911@gmail.com1 Room Flat or Shared Flat in TrierGP0|#c89c7cca-3583-4f58-bfdb-6f2aa1bf4c04;L0|#0c89c7cca-3583-4f58-bfdb-6f2aa1bf4c04|Wohnen: Suche;GTSet|#08b2f7e7-f9dd-401f-b41d-aa4567e17a46;GPP|#cc453b3b-9759-44cc-be4a-45db9b707d8a;GPP|#8247b81e-933b-47f7-87c4-6a8ecb19e34dI am looking for accomodation from april mid ! I just got admitted to trier university for my masters in data science. My lectures will be starting from 15th April . It’s to hard to find a good accomodation from far away from a different country. I am Vaibhav Gupta from India . I speak English and can understand a bit german (A1). Room should be furnished and equipped. Looking for warm Rent -350 to 450 euro. Thanks and regards3/25/2024 3:53:13 PMVaibhavGupta