TR-App, 62 sqm, kitchen, 500€, add. 150€ + electr, 1000€sec<img alt="" src="" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />cfacced6-f72d-128d-49d0-88ee8fb0ada7391270rudolfmerod@web.deTR-App, 62 sqm, kitchen, 500€, add. 150€ + electr, 1000€secGP0|#22215a70-3784-4cd4-9bdd-c7533b42cdb4;L0|#022215a70-3784-4cd4-9bdd-c7533b42cdb4|Wohnen: Biete;GTSet|#08b2f7e7-f9dd-401f-b41d-aa4567e17a46;GPP|#cc453b3b-9759-44cc-be4a-45db9b707d8a;GPP|#8247b81e-933b-47f7-87c4-6a8ecb19e34dComfortable quite 62sqm countryside in the midst of the city with terrace, separate entrance in the back of the house, panoramic windows and under-floor heating. The flat is completely tiled and has a shower-bath. Connections for washing machine and dryer exist. Electricity add. 50€ per month. Kitchenette with dishwasher for 400€ (no must). Busstop Wissenschaftspark (line 4 and 14). By the studio windows it is also suited very much for artist or freelance. No pets. Parking lot is available. Phone 01590 523 30107/25/2020 11:00:09 AMRudolfMerod2.00000000000000Max-Planck-Str.3454296TrierUninähePrivatAppartementzu vermieten0062.0000000000000500150.0000000000001000.000000000002020-07-27T22:00:00Z